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Technical Services

Green IT Energy Applications, a division of Ruby Renewable Resources LLC, offers a full range of Technical Services focused on wind farm SCADA, Data, IT, and Network Security. These industry-specific service offerings are meant to address on-site, remote and corporate IT concerns that substantially impact operations, execution capabilities, compliance, and security features. With over 13 years experience in the wind industry and deep expertise in IT, Ruby is uniquely position Ruby to provide service to infrastructure both new and old.

On-site/ Remote

  • SCADA consulting, maintenance, and consolidation
  • IT/ SCADA technical needs analysis
  • Operational data acquisition and analysis
  • Critical data redundancy and archiving
  • High-volume data integration
  • ERP integration (for payments, purchase orders, inventory, etc)

Managed Program

  • Remote (active & automated) Monitoring (BOP, SCADA, etc)
  • Network Security (NERC Compliance)
  • System Infrastructure Administration and Support
  • Curtailment management
  • Systems stabilization/emulation/ virtualization
  • Corporate and general IT administration