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Our Services

Ruby has an extensive, comprehensive and specialized suite of services and tools that can create substantial value along the entire project value chain: development, construction, and operations as listed below.

Stage Asset Management Software Technical
Late Stage Development
  • Due Diligence
  • Finalization of key contracts
  • Review and catalogue / summarize all contracts and technical parameters
  • Illustrate all Work Flows
  • Prepare Org Charts
  • Job descriptions
  • Assist with financial modeling
  • Assist with financial closing
  • Ownership representation.
  • Business/ finance/ administrative management.
  • Project Developer - Project management system for wind farm development.
  • RoyaltyApp - Landowner management toolset.
  • Wind Analysis and Resource Manager - Data collection and QA suite.
  • GIS - Interactive feature that bridges GIS maps with wind farm development data.
  • Legal Manager - Streamlines labor intensive agreement generation activities.
  • Data collection & analysis
  • Lease & Title data management
  • Custom application development
  • Construction
  • On-site and remote project management
  • Ownership representation as required
  • Business/ finance/ contract and administrative management as required
  • Observe testing, commissioning
  • Develop punch Lists
  • Hiring as required
  • Dataroom - Secure user-configurable file management system.
  • Compliance Tracker - Project management and workflow system.
  • System Installation/ Administration
  • Network Installation/ Administration
  • IT Technical Requirement Assessment
  • Data Collection System (OPC) Installation/ Administration
  • Automation System Installation
  • Analysis and reporting
  • General IT
  • Operations
  • On-site and remote project management
  • Ownership representation
  • Business/ finance/ contract and administrative management as required
  • O&M and BOP oversight
  • BOP Service
  • Utility Relationship
  • Landowner Relationships
  • Local Relationships
  • Fleet Manager - Fully integrated software platform engineered to support Wind Farm operations.
  • RoyaltyApp - Landowner management toolset.
  • REC Manager - Workflow and controls that track and streamline the lifecycle of Renewable Energy Credits
  • Inventory Manager - Tools for managing inventory items through their lifecycle
  • Maintenance and Repair Manager - Workflow for tracking maintenance and repair activities.
  • SCADA, System, and Network Administration and Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Collection System (OPC) Administration
  • Analysis and reporting
  • General IT