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Since 2002, the Ruby team has developed and implemented an extensive portfolio of asset management and software-based services across a multitude of highly complex projects. These projects are summarized below:


Idaho Wind Partners 1, LLC
Date of Assignment: 2010 to Present
Owner: Macquarie, Atlantic Power and RP Wind ID LLC
(Note -- the principals of Reunion Power are the Managing Member of RP Wind ID LLC).
RP Wind ID LLC is the Managing Member of Idaho Wind Partners 1, LLC.
Ruby is the Manager of the IWP Projects.
Location: Jerome, ID
Size (MW)/No. of turbines: 183 MW/122 turbines across 11separte projects
Technology: GE 1.5 XLE
Term of Contract 8 years to 2017 with one-year auto renewals
Responsibilities: Complete site and project management including all finance and administration for IWP and the 11 project SPCs.
Services Deployed: Fleet Manager, OpData, Payment Manager, RoyaltyApp, REC Manager, OPData, Dataroom, System Administration, Network Administration, IT Management.
Accomplishments: Revised wind farm management controls and substation.
Filed for and received FERC Order and subsequent IPUC directives (protected the PPAs).
Secured additional debt tranche (reduced member equity investment).
Restructured PPAs (eliminated difficult provisions).
Secured release of supplemental Lender Reserves.
Achieved consistent (and exceptionally high) turbine and project availabilities.
Manage REC sales program.

Date of Assignment: 2016 to Present
Location: HQ in Salt Lake City, UT with C&I, DG, and utility scale wind and solar projects across North America
Project Description: Platform: Renewable Energy Asset Management Software System

Advanced Microgrid Solutions
Date of Assignment: 2017 to Present
Location: North America
Project Description: Renewable Energy Asset Management - Compliance Management system

EDF/ OwnEnergy
Date of Assignment: 2012 to Present
Location: North America
Project Description: Project Development software platform

Wiser Capital
Date of Assignment: 2011 to Present
Location: HQ in Santa Barbara, CA with C & I Solar development projects in CA and HI.
Project Description: Custom engineering of software platform to drive Wiser Capitals business.
Term of Contract: Annual with one year extensions.
Responsibilities: Full-service software engineering.
Services Deployed: Product specification, software design/ specification, software engineering, application QA, system administration. Software provides a centralized marketplace for host facilities, system integrators and investors representing 150 MW of potential aggregate capacity. Focused on medium sized, PV projects.
Accomplishments: Successful launch of the software platform in 2012.
Wiser Capital software platform achieved commercial success in 2014.


Glacier 1 Project
Date of Assignment: 2008-2009
Owner: Naturener USA
Location: Glacier and Toole Counties, MT
Size (MW)/No. of turbines: 106.5 MW/ 71 turbines
Technology: Acciona 1.5
Term of Contract 1 year
Responsibilities: Organized and detailed all Project and Asset Management functions.
Services Deployed: Provided a range of services to support the impending asset management services.
Accomplishments: Reviewed and catalogued all contracts and technical parameters.
Illustrate all Work Flows.
Prepared Org Charts.
Created job descriptions.
Assisted with key hiring.
Assisted with financial modeling.
Provided interim backup AM services.
Successful commencement of commercial operations and continued operating success.
Lake Benton I and Storm Lake II
Date of Assignment: 2002-2007
Owner: GE Energy Financial Services
Location: Lake Benton, MN and Storm Lake, IA
Size (MW)/No. of turbines: 188 MW/250 turbines
Technology: Zond 750
Term of Contract 6 years
Responsibilities: Completed project, technical, finance, contract and company administration.
Services Deployed: Non-Invasive digital blade inspection, SCADA system stability/upgrade, system administration, communication integrity testing/upgrade.
Accomplishments: Assumed all technical, operational, contractual and financial activities.
Successfully replaced all accounting, finance, treasury and admin functions.
Secured reliable operations with cost effective solutions for generator and blade issues.
Lead the successful divestiture.
Date of Assignment: 2007 to 2008
Services: Provided Project Developer software suite, a project management system engineered for wind farm development, and related software tools to support the development team at Airtricity Canada.
15 users.
1 GW of potential aggregate capacity.
E.ON Climate and Renewables North America
Date of Assignment: 2008 to 2013
Services: Extensive deployment and customization of Project Developer, Fleet Manager, RoyaltyApp, Wind Analysis, Resource Manager, GIS, OP-Data and additional modules and workflow oriented tools. Provided ERP integration with SAP.
75 users.
12 GW of potential aggregate capacity.
1.5 GW of operating capacity.
Date of Assignment: 2007 to 2008
Services: Data acquisition, analysis and landowner management.
225 MW of operating capacity.
GE Special Finance Group
Date of Assignment: 2000 to 2007
Services: Multiple consulting engagements focused on project trouble shooting/ assessments/ recommendations and due diligence.