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Andrew Eisenberg Managing Director

Andrew Eisenberg

Tel: 617.899.9085

Mr. Eisenberg is responsible for Ruby's software and technical service business units as well as corporate product design & development. Additionally, Mr. Eisenberg provides vision and leadership in the development and execution of Ruby's strategic plan. Mr. Eisenberg was the founder and Managing Director of MassMedium LLC and Green IT Energy Applications, both successful startups, providing software and technical services, and has over 13 years experience in the design, engineering, and deployment of speciality solutions to the renewable energy industries. At both enterprises, Mr. Eisenberg was responsible for strategic direction, client interaction, day-to-day operations as well as technical concerns.

Mr. Eisenberg is an accomplished software designer and is adept in a multitude of programming languages and system technologies. While leading Green IT Energy Applications, Mr. Eisenberg also served as Reunion Power's Chief Technology Officer, providing solutions software and custom application development as well as program management across the enterprise. Additionally, while operating MM, Mr. Eisenberg led the company through numerous high-profile projects including extensive deployments with Novartis, Genzyme, and General Electric. Mr. Eisenberg received a BFA from the dual degree program between Tufts University and the School of Museum of Fine Arts with a focus in interface design.